Do you feel like a victim to outside circumstances draining your energy? 

Maybe you have clients, colleagues, or even children in your life, and their state of stress directly affects how your day will go and how you will feel at the end of your day.

Are you moving through the motions of life, and you aren’t even sure how you feel anymore, a little numb, a little checked out, at the mercy of what life throws at you?   

Now imagine this, imagine having the freedom to tune in to your energy and understand what support you need to feel balanced and vibrant again, without having to book a million sessions with your energy healer.  

When you can maintain and support yourself energetically between sessions, it allows you to heal at a deeper level with your practitioner instead of just getting back to square one. 

Now, you might think, “I can’t do my own energy work!” Or “I’m not even sure I believe in this stuff!” 

But, the truth is that your energetic system is not only real, but it is also just as crucial to your health as the cardiovascular system. And, everyone, even YOU, can do this work.  So, understanding your energy gives you access to an essential tool for your well-being. 

For example,  notice your heartbeat for a moment. Does it feel fast, steady, or slow and relaxed? Having this information can alert you to your current needs. 

If your pulse is racing, you can take slow, deep breaths, and in a few minutes, you will be in a calmer state with a slower heart rate. 

Much like the awareness of your heart rate,  I will teach you how to feel your energy and learn tools to support yourself into shifting to a healthier state. 

I welcome you to arrive with curiosity and wonder as you discover the freedom you hold within to heal yourself.

If you are ready then I invite you to join my next Reiki class!