Are you feeling like the cycle breaker in your family?

Your ancestors are calling you to work with them, to unbind the restrictions that were placed upon you through past vows, beliefs, and stories of suffering embedded into your DNA. The burdens that you carry are not yours to shoulder alone. Your ancestors are available to support you in healing them, together.

Your ancestors delight in seeing you thriving and they want to help you live a life where you fully embody the person you were created to be!

I have been guided by my own ancestor, and those of my clients to bring forward a healing ceremony that allows for a direct connection to your ancestral energy.

The message is clear, the ancestors don’t want you to struggle or hold the weight of their burdens. Together, they want to bring healing, peace, and transformation as they help you realize and step into the gifts they have passed down to you. 

They have passed down so many gifts to you, but it’s a challenge to recognize them under the layers of pain and restriction. They are ready to lift those layers, and the beautiful thing is that when you heal, you can feel their spirits dancing and laughing as the freedom ripples throughout your entire family line. 

I am honored with the support of your ancestors to be able to unlock gifts inside your heart that are longing to flow out into the world,

The presence of your ancestors, not just from this lifetime, but from all the lifetimes that you have lived, will ensure that each ceremony is unique to you and the stories that you carry within your DNA.

How the Ancestral Healing Ceremony Began

As I was connecting to a client, I felt a tingling sensation on my left hand as I was working with my client, and I saw someone who looked like a grandfather. I had had this experience with angel energy in the past, but this was the first time that I discovered an ancestor could merge their energy with mine.

My client confirmed that she was seeing visions of her grandfather’s garage. He had passed when she was little, but his Spirit and energy were with us that day. I felt the tingling sensation begin to grow stronger, and in my third eye my hand was glowing a bright golden color. 

The next thing that happened was that my hand was being guided to her heart area. It began moving as if it was weeding, pulling out something. I heard a message of “You don’t have to carry these ancestral burdens anymore.” 

I found out later that he enjoyed gardening, so the “weeding” really made sense. I also learned that her family had a history that had caused generations of trauma and pain. It was a burden that laid heavy on my client’s heart and caused resentment and anger.  After the session she said it was “a profound experience,” she felt the “abundance of peace and love.” 

I am so grateful to her grandfather for showing me the possibility of merging energy with ancestors and for being an active part of her healing journey.

Realizing that it doesn’t matter how many generations have carried the wound, it can be healed easily when we ask for support from our ancestors. 

My Own Ancestral Healing Story

Sometimes we don’t have as clear of a picture of what it is we are holding. The patterns may be more subtle and we might not recognize that a fear, block, or belief is something we have inherited. This was true for me until I had a connection with one of my ancestors. 

I had been experiencing anxiety and fear of people I cared about dying ever since I became a mother. There wasn’t anyone who was sick, and it felt irrational, but very strong nonetheless. As I worked to heal this fear during a sound bath one day, I was connected to one of my ancestors’ memories. 

My body felt as if it were rocking on a boat, I almost felt a little seasick and even checked to make sure I wasn’t experiencing an earthquake. The ground was solid. I was experiencing the sensation of being on a boat, and feeling despair as all around me people were suffering, people were dying, it was so dismal and distressing. I had connected to the feeling of agony that my ancestor had felt many many years ago. 

I realized that I was connecting to an ancestor who came over on the Mayflower when he was a teenager. I didn’t know at the time, but after researching I discovered that he, along with two others, traveled as indentured servants to the same man. My ancestor was the only one to survive the voyage out of the trio. I also learned that in later years two of his children passed away before him.

I was still holding this fear of people I care about dying because of the core wound that he unintentionally passed down to me. Because I carried the wound forward, it also meant that I held the key to heal it, with his support.

I connected with his spirit, and together we released the wound.

Through this experience, the grief and fear that I was carrying lifted. That sense of dread and fear that used to plague me no longer rushes over me. A few weeks later I shared the experience with my younger brother. He mentioned that the similar fear that he had experienced through his life had recently had been big in his life had a huge shift. 

I love that this work ripples out to the other members of the family! 


The outcomes are limitless! We will clear whatever inherited wounds you are carrying and gather the gifts and wisdom that have been given to you. . 

Here are a few examples from clients I have worked with in the past. 

  • Deeper understanding and ability to use your gifts.
  • Speak your truth with confidence and ease.
  • Embrace a life free from irrational fears.
  • Experience the freedom to be authentically yourself.
  • Feel empowered to take up space and be seen.
  • Cultivate a healthy and abundant relationship with money.
  • Transform anger and resentment into peace and understanding.
  • Deepen your connection with your ancestral lineage.
  • Enhance your well being by releasing inherited trauma from your DNA.
  • Live fully and embrace the life you were meant to live.
  • Discover and harness your inherited gifts and abilities.

Ready to embark on your ancestral healing journey?