Hello Brilliant Soul, 

You are compassionate, caring deeply for your loved ones, and doing your best to make the world just a little bit better. 

You spend your days moving through life, trying to stay positive and energetic, but the universe keeps throwing curve balls. You just want to feel some peace and uplift your spirit but instead the chaos has you feeling like you are swimming upstream. 

If you really listen to your intuition, you have a hunch that something is whispering that there must be a better way. 

You catch yourself with clenched teeth and tight shoulders, or you notice the discomfort in your stomach that never really seems to go away. 

And, if something doesn’t change?

You and your relationships with your loved ones will reach a breaking point. It’s just the question of when?

I understand how it feels to be a deeply caring person in a very stressful world. 

I have always been sensitive to the needs of others and quick to help out a friend. In fact, about ten years ago, I was prioritizing others so much that I didn’t even realize just how un-grounded I had become.  

As all the commitments stacked up, life brought unexpected transitions and challenges, and before I knew it my calm demeanor and go with the flow attitude was completely missing. I had become someone that I didn’t even recognize. 

Can you relate?

I began experiencing panic attacks and started breaking out in hives over what seemed like nothing. At one point I even lost my vision temporarily, the whole room was out of focus — It was official. I was completely burned out. 

 I have spent the last decade uncovering the mystery of healing techniques, energy work, and embracing the magic of my own intuitive skills.  I have rituals in place now that support me, allowing me to continue the compassionate work that I care so much about, without dulling my essence. 

I have made it my mission to help other women who are feeling broken like I was, to transform their way of being into a place of balance and joy.


I have taken the most supportive healing techniques and wisdom from my journey and wrapped them up into a simple 4-step protocol that fits into busy lives and gets results.

You don’t have to take years to shift your life.

In fact, many of my clients experience transformation beginning after their first week of working with me. 

If you want to step into a place where your soul has the potential for more than just getting through life, you can get my step by step support and begin to GLOW with energy, balance, and joy. 

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

If it’s an “ABSOLUTELY!” here are 3 ways we can get started together 

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