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Where I See Clients

I see clients in-person in West Los Angeles as well as globally over the phone or zoom.


I can accept FSA/HSA cards in the event your plan covers Reiki or CranioSacral. Your insurance provider may require a “Letter of Medical Necessity” from your physician before covering services.


  • 30 minute Discovery Call – Free
  • 90 minute New Client Session – $175
  • Packages – Listed below


Everyone who comes to me has a unique story and needs.

I will make a recommendation for the package level and length that I feel would be most beneficial after your Discovery Call or New Client Session,

Wellness Package

$620 – 1400

Best for general wellness and treating acute issues such as a recent injury or stressful event that doesn’t have a long-standing history.


  • 4-10 Healing Sessions
  • Priority Scheduling

Breakthrough Package

$1297- $1897

Best for 1-2 specific long-standing physical or emotional struggles or one major life transition. Experience mind, body, and soul level healing with coaching & integration.


  • Illumination Session (Identify blockages and create goals)
  • Journaling Prompts & Activities
  • Integration Guide
  • Journal to record your experience
  • Priority Scheduling
  • 6-9 Healing Sessions 
  • 2-3 Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited email and texting support

Transformation Package


Best for those ready for a complete transformation. Shift your life in this 6-month journey. Deep dive into breaking old patterns and limiting beliefs, cut toxic energetic ties and level up your vibration to attract the life you really want.


  • Everything from Breakthrough Plus…
  • Private 6 Hour Retreat
  • Guided Journey to gather wisdom from future YOU!
  • Reiki Level 1 course for self healing
  • Personally Selected gift bundle to support your journey.
  • Total of 18 Healing Sessions
  • Total of 6 Coaching Calls

A once-per-month annual plan is available for clients who benefit from ongoing care, such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Fibromyalgia.

Bonus: All Packages include weekly Distance Healing & Energy Balancing.