Do you believe there must be more to life than the hustle?
Is your mind always racing?
Do you crave peace and stillness?

Let’s Slow Down…Together

Living mindfully in today’s world doesn’t have to look like sitting in stillness for hours at a time or running away to a monastery for a month.

It can look like simple practices to reset your day, come back into the present moment, and live your life from a more balanced place.

I would love to support your journey into mindfulness, whether your goal is to immerse yourself in the practice for self-development, or to use it professionally in a private practice, leading groups, teaching kids, or whatever may come to mind,

Guiding You Into Mindfulness One Step At A Time

I am thrilled to offer this program to you as a coach with Meditate School Of Mindfulness. This customized program includes one-on-one coaching, webinars to watch at your convenience, and a thoughtful curriculum that meets you exactly where you are.

Ready to begin your mindfulness journey? Book a call.

Program Includes

  • All Books & Materials
  • 1-1 Coaching with Heathir Brown
  • Weekly Online Workshops
  • Library of Guided Meditations
  • Priority Email Support
  • Online Meditate Community

Course Electives

In addition to the core modules of the course, you have the option of two electives. No need to decide yet! You can choose them at any point during your program.

Certified Options –

  • Certified Transformational Life Coach
  • Certified Sound Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher
  • Addiction Coach

Non-Certified Options –

  • Equanimity Practice
  • Mindful Family