Pregnancy and Postpartum Support

This program was created after more than a decade of experience working with expecting families as a doula and healer. I found that no matter if it was their first baby or the fourth, my clients benefited greatly from the support of a combination of modalities. I have put the most impactful elements together into this program.

She was wonderfully supportive and helped both my partner and I prepare for childbirth with helpful coaching and information.

She helped me to have the wonderful, positive experience that I had hoped for.

Emily R

About the program

Through a blend of proven techniques, mindfulness experiences and compassionate care, we’ll embark on a path of transformation as you birth and parent your baby.

  • Reveal Your Body’s Wisdom
  • Untether Your Fears
  • Nourish Your Soul
  • Raise Your Vibration

She was extremely caring, supportive, and knowledgeable. She helped instill in me the confidence I needed before and during birth. She came with many tools to help me during the uncomfortable times in my pregnancy.

Jasmine L..
Meeting the needs of the stage you are currently in. While it is wonderful to get support during pregnancy, the truth is that you may have missed that opportunity. It's never too late to go back and heal from your birth story, settle your nervous system, and better connect with yourself and your baby.
  • Follows my exclusive four-step protocol
  • Balance your body and calm your nervous system
  • Gentle energy work for you and your baby
  • Letting go of fear and past trauma
  • Connect deeper with your intuition
  • Helpful worksheets & mindfulness tips
  • Gentle energy work for you and your baby
This program is open on a limited basis because of the exclusive level of care that Heathir provides. The first step is to connect via email at to set up a time for a free 30 minute consultation and see if the program would be a good fit for you.

The fee for Ease Into Motherhood ranges from $1700 - $2300 Depending on the desired level of support.

Doula support may be added to your package (when available) for clients enrolled in Ease Into Motherhood program. Services include:
  • Virtual support throughout your labor via Facetime, Zoom, or Phone
  • No Time Limits –I am there for you no matter the length of your labor.
  • Birth Your Way – I support your choices.
  • Education- Providing information to make informed decisions about your care.
  • Comfort – I provide a myriad of comfort techniques provided by me or educating your partner for virtual support

It was extremely important to have a supportive doula that was easy going and knowledgeable. Her visits helped to alleviate fears.. She has wonderful intuitions.

Jessica N.