Intuitive Healing Sessions

For a Intuitive Healing Session, Heathir will connect with the part of your soul that is already whole, and already healed. Your own inner wisdom will begin to come through and help guide the path toward healing. Creating a space to release and unwind tensions and pain. As the nervous system begins to come into balance. Heathir will help you discharge excess energy, pull in vibrancy, and cut away energetic ties from the pain of past and present events and people.

What To Expect

Sessions begin by listening to the whispers of your body. After a time of simply observing, Heathir will follow your body’s lead and begin holding space and working with your body so that deep healing can unfold. She may utilizing sound, energy, craniosacral therapy techniques, reiki, and other healing modalities, each session is completely individualized.. All you need to do is rest, notice, and welcome healing to unfold.

60 minute phone session

$120 90 minute phone session $175

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