Welcome to a sanctuary where you will be seen, not as your symptoms, but as the whole sacred being that you are.

I am honored to be your guide on this path of discovery and healing as we alchemize the chaotic energy within you into peace and purpose.

If you are ready for a transformation that speaks to your soul and heals your body then I am excited to support your path as I help you rediscover your brilliant, inextinguishable light.

What To Expect

  • Personalized Approach: Each session is a unique blend of healing modalities, intuitively tailored for you. I consider the state of your nervous system, your intentions, and most importantly, the innate wisdom deep within you. My extensive experience and intuitive abilities allow me to tune into your soul’s guidance (aka Inner Wisdom,) providing support and healing aligned with your needs.
  • A Comprehensive Healing Foundation:
  • I provide multifaceted support, as healing happens on several levels.
  • The Physical Body –  CranioSacral Therapy gently brings balance and alignment to the spine and cranial bones, fascia, cerebral spinal fluid, central nervous system and all systems connected to it.
  • The Energy Body – Reiki brings balance and harmony into your chakras, releasing anything you may be holding that is not yours, and returning your vibrant energy back to you.
  •  The Emotional Body– Everything that happens to us is either processed and released or, if we didn’t have the time/support to process, it is stored within our cells and energy. This often leads to pain in the body or disease. Together, we release or transform the stored emotion leaving your feeling lighter.
  • The Mental Body– Mindfulness goes beyond sitting on a mat silently. I share easy ways to weave mindfulness into the life you already are living and bring more ease into your days.
  • Angels & Ancestors– Throughout my own journey, and my work with clients, I have been guided in blending energies with angels and ancestors. It’s a beautiful process and one I am honored to partner with them on. It doesn’t happen in every session, and I always stick with your comfort level.
  • Support Beyond Sessions: Between your sessions, you’ll receive resources to support your journey.
  • I believe in nurturing your growth even when you’re not in the room with me

Why Choose Me?

  • I Am Here To Listen: Having been on my own healing path, I know intimately how challenging this journey can be when trying to navigate it alone. I know the frustration of not being listened to by a provider, or being handed a pill and brushed off. My commitment is to meet you with an open heart and an unwavering support system. Trusting that YOU hold the answers, and helping you to access them. I am here to connect with you, ensuring you feel seen, acknowledged, and supported.
  • Your Sense of Safety is My Priority: I strive to provide a sacred and nurturing environment where you can feel safe, honored, and supported. Free from judgement, and always honoring your truth.
  • My Success Stories: Every story matters as healing ripples through our communities one person at a time. You can read google reviews and testimonials from my clients further down the page.
  • Tailored Guidance: Recognizing the unique essence of your journey, I create sessions and resources that are aligned with your personal path. I honor your unique light and work to support your healing and growth in the most resonant and meaningful way.

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