Consider the bears, still slumbering in their dens. It’s true that your calendar and everyone around you may be encouraging you to strike up a fire of determination and goal oriented energy, but I want to remind you that nature is still resting. And you, are nature.

There is so much magic in the resting, in slow and soft contemplation of your dreams and desires. Like a good cup of tea, allowing time for proper steeping to be sure you are receiving the full potential of what it holds.

You my dear, contain multitudes. It is with a slow, intentional rhythm, that awareness of all the aspects of yourself can come to light.

So, I encourage you to take a deep breath, and question for a moment if the “go get ’em” pace of January is working for you?

If it is, then wonderful, but if you find it lacking in nourishment ask yourself if it’s necessary? Is there a different way you could move through the rest of winter? One that allows room for you to become energized for the entire year to come?

Think of the long distance runners in the Olympics, a sprint at the start can leave them out of the race before it’s over.

How will you nourish yourself this winter season?

Can you connect with the spirit of the bear and see if it has a message for you?