Nourishment for Stressed Out Souls

Do you find yourself feeling stressed out, in pain and overwhelmed nearly every day? 

From the outside, maybe you look like you’re thriving. Yet internally the relentless tension and chaos are leaving you feeling exhausted.

And maybe the stress is showing up as frequent headaches. Or neck and shoulder pain that comes on when you take on the burdens of everyone else. 

Perhaps even simple decisions, like what to eat for dinner, feels too difficult.

Are you ready to melt away all that tension and unwelcome stress?

You deserve so much more than just getting through life. And I promise you, there is a way out. 

I specialize in helping people just like you connect deeply to the peace and joy that can hold you steady throughout the chaos of life — when you know how to tap into it.

If you REALLY listen to your intuition, you know deep down that there must be a better way, and I am excited to share that I have helped people just like you. People who were overworked, overwhelmed, and OVER being exhausted. Together, we not only regulated their nervous systems, but we also released decades of stored up stress and pain from their bodies. From this new state of balance they could finally begin to feel creative again and have energy and joy they they hadn’t felt in years.

I have a gift for helping people who feel overwhelmed and burnt out to transform that energy into peace and joy.


I have taken the most supportive healing techniques and wisdom that I have gathered over the years from my own personal experiences along with working with highly sensitive, multi-passionate individuals and infused them into nurturing sessions, packages, and retreat days.

Are you ready to shift out of fight or flight?

If it’s a “YES,” here are three ways to work with me:

  • New Client Session – Begin to unwind and test the waters.
  • Soul Retreat – Immerse yourself in full day a 1-1 healing experience tailored for you.
  • Rising Phoenix Program – Don’t just climb out of the rubble, SOAR! This 1-1 program has been thoughtfully created for people with frazzled nervous systems who are experiencing or at the edge of burn out. (learn more below)

Feeling unsure about what to choose?  Book a free discovery call for suggestions

Benefits of the Rising Phoenix Program 
  • The expert guidance of an intuitive practitioner with years of experience soothing the nervous system. Together we’ll walk through a transformational process that creates powerful change — and deep healing. 
  • Uncomplicated accountability that understands the rush of life while making sure you remain a priority … so you can make the profound progress that you desire. 
  • Upbeat support filled with safety, deep listening, and the time and space that frees you to dissolve your troubles at the root.
  • Breakthrough mentoring to help you connect with your body’s subtle whispers of wisdom. By aligning those messages with your mindset, your beliefs, your action steps and your support systems, you’ll move steadily forward with ease. 
  • Tips, tools, and techniques to reach your goals.
  • A deep sense of hope and confidence as you reconnect to your brilliant spark. 
  • Powerful increase in mental clarity and energy as old patterns are released and change manifests.
  • Creative approaches that replace the tension and pain agitating your body, mind and spirit with balance, so you feel good again.
  • A guide who not only believes in your healing journey, but believes it can be easy. And who supports you to step into your power … no matter what stands in the way. 
What You Receive as a Client in Rising Phoenix

Manifesting Change Session

Your journey begins by uncovering your deepest hopes and desires for your healing journey, so you get the greatest benefit from our time together.  Through gentle treatments we will re-introduce your nervous system to calm state of being and invite your vagus nerve to begin supporting you once again.

Series of Healing Sessions 

Sessions will include gentle techniques such as Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Vibrational Therapy, and Sound Healing. We will proceed thoughtfully through each session leading your nervous system into peace and balance. In this customized program, you may receive four 90 minute sessions or six 60 minute sessions, or a combination. We will determine this at your Manifesting Change Session.

Coaching Support to keep you on your path

Our continued connection together via email, voxer or text will provide the catalyst to keep moving you toward the positive outcomes you want most. Your access lasts throughout the duration of the program, to ask quick questions, get clarification and support between sessions. 

Self Care Protocol

You will receive guided meditations, mindfulness tips and supportive practices to take your wellness beyond the treatment room.

Priority Scheduling

You will have access to my VIP after hour spots on evenings and weekends.

Extra Bonuses You Will Receive

  • An Essential Oil Blend for grounding and calming
  • My favorite tincture for support during stressful times
Your Commitment to This Program Includes
  • Showing up for yourself by prioritizing your sessions and committing to your wellness journey.
  • Recognizing that YOU are ready for transformation and healing. 
  • Patience with yourself and the process. Just as it took time to reach the place you are at, it will also take time to reach the point of healing you want to be at. 
  • Readiness to go deep within yourself to connect to your inner wisdom. I will show you how and be with you every step of the way, but you must be willing to go there.  
  • Honestly communicating your feelings and needs with me so that we are both clear of where you are in the process. 
  • Willingness to bring practices home with you so you can get the most out of our sessions together by integrating what we worked on into your life. 

My Commitment To You

  • Dedication to your healing journey. I work with a limited number of clients so that I can fully support you and provide you the energy and presence you deserve. 
  • Attentive listening to help you process your sessions and take away the most healing possible. 
  • Respecting your boundaries while helping you break through the limitations that you are ready to be free from. 
  • Intuitive care that supports and honors you and your story with full acceptance and celebration of your authentic self. 
  • Uncomplicated accountability to help you reach your goals.
  • Providing an environment of safety and confidentiality for you to grow and heal.