The house is still, and it is in this silent pause that I sense new opportunities, endless possibilities. I can feel my whole essence vibrating with the energy of this new phase.  

When we experience transition in our life we have a choice.  We can lean into the anxiety of the unknown, or we can observe this new space with the awe and wonder of a young child. We can focus on the emptiness and lack of what is no longer with us, or we can choose to view the expansiveness of what space now exists for the things we didn’t have space to dream about before. 

Each moment is a totally new experience that we have never had before.  Even if it looks very similar to yesterday, there is an opportunity for new thoughts, new dreams, and new behaviors. What we do with this moment, is going to shape our next one. We are building our future in every moment that we exist.

Allow yourself to dream a little today if you are facing an empty nest, even if it’s only empty while the kids are at school, or perhaps your shift is coming from a new job, or quitting your job to build your own business, or leaning into retirement, new relationships, ending relationships, 

Whatever it is, just picture it as a beautiful nest. This nest is built from all the pieces of moments that came before. 

Perhaps you want to pull out some old sticks, knock away a little mud,  add a bit of moss, or a favorite feather?

Dream a little, what would you like to fill it with? 

What is something that you have been curious about?

What things, outside of the previous occupants of this nest, bring you joy?

What would make your heart sing?

What would make your soul shine?  

Take some time to journal this now or in your next quiet moment.  

Write from a place of anything being possible, without considering logically or practically. Just dream in a free-flow state and see what blossoms from within you.


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