For you… or someone you love!

These are my absolute favorite things for bringing self-healing, clearing your energy, and bringing more calm and joy into your life.

These would be the perfect gift for any sensitive soul who needs to reset at the end of the day.

Zum Mist – Frankincense and Myrrh

Not only is this a holiday-themed fragrance, but it is also a favorite for grounding, calming, and clearing the energy of your space.

Spray it anytime you need to reset.

The Book Of Chakra Healing

Learn about each of the 7 main chakras and how to clear and balance them.

Easy-to-follow exercises, affirmations, meditations, and lots of tips!

Start the new year aligned!

Rosemary Smudge Sticks

I love using Rosemary for clearing energy. It smells amazing and it is sustainable!

Did you know that White Sage & Palo Santo are actually over-harvested and at risk of becoming extinct!

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Rose Quartz really is the ultimate self-care and self-love crystal.

It has connections to the heart chakra for healing those deep wounds and bringing more compassion and love into your life.

Plus it’s super pretty!

Dr Teal’s Lavender Body Wash

Did you know that salt clears your energetic field?

This body wash makes it easy to add energy clearing to your daily routine.

Wash the stress and the bad vibes away!

Renegade Mama Women’s Empowerment Deck

Renegade Mama makes beautiful and inspiring cards to keep you inspired during life’s toughest moments.

Uplifting, affirming, and ready to motivate you through the year.

Selenite Crystal

A favorite crystal for clearing the energy of the room, of your other crystals, and yourself.

Be sure not to put this in water as it will dissolve.

A lovely addition to your bedside table.

Crystal Singing Bowl Set

If you want to really wow your gift recipient, this full set of crystal singing bowls will do the trick!

Tuned for each of the 7 chakras, you can create a full sound bath meditation.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Want a budget-friendly option for a singing bowl? This bowl is tiny but it is great for clearing the energy, meditating, and is fun to learn how to play.

Although called “Tibetan” the origin of the bowls is still up for debate as many cultures used them.

Himalayan Salt Scrub

This scrub is perfect for when you really want to clear your energy field. Perhaps you had a toxic interaction with a co-worker, or just a really bad day.

This is also great for energy workers to use between clients so they can keep their energy clear all day long.

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